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Temoside 20 Mg

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Temoside 20 Mg

Salt Name: Temozolomide
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited

An anticancer drug called Temoside 20 mg capsule is used to treat specific types of brain tumours. When treating patients with a known history of renal or hepatic impairment, this medication should be taken cautiously.

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Are you experiencing pressure in the head? Do you get headaches in the morning? Do you feel vomiting or nausea? If yes, you are probably suffering from a brain tumor. Many people experience blurry vision. Some people go through vertigo. Brain tumor patients also experience trouble with balance. 

Depending on the size of the brain tumor, people experience signs accordingly. Signs also depend on how fast the tumor is growing in the brain. It is important to know that brain tumors are noncancerous. Brain tumors are benign. The benign brain tumors cause subtle signs which you do not notice initially. Over the months or years, symptoms may get worse.

If brain tumor symptoms persist, get immediate treatment. Your medical provider will check the condition of the tumor. Then, your doctor will prescribe you Temoside 20 mg. It is used to treat cancer in the brain. If your brain tumor gets worse, this medicine will be useful. This medicine will stop cancer cells from returning to the brain. 

A brain tumor is an abnormal mass that can be benign or malignant. Taking Temoside 20 mg will prevent the growth of cancer cells in the brain. Temoside 20 mg is a potent drug that you should take after your doctor consultation.

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You can come across various dosages of Temoside 20 mg in the local and online drugstores. A healthcare physician suggests you take a specified dose only after checking the condition of the tumor.

Depending on the size of the tumor, you need to take a specific dose once a day. You must intake the drug on an empty stomach to get the best effect. Intake the pill once a day and at the same time. Your medical provider will decide how often you need to take the pill. If required, the dose may change as per your health condition. Do not take the medicine in the wrong manner. By doing so, it can lead to serious health complications. 

Missing out on a dose can increase the risk of brain tumors. Therefore, take the medicine soon if you forget to take it. Overdosing on the pill can affect your health. Some health complications may arise after taking an extra dose. Contact your medical provider if you overdose on the drug accidentally. 

Side Effects

Side effects of Temoside 20 mg are diarrhea, coordination disorder, constipation, Nausea, Or Vomiting. Other side effects include dizziness, hair loss, fever, or headache. Memory loss or loss of appetite are also the side effects of the medicine.


Children below 12 years of age should not ingest Temoside 20 mg. If you have allergies to the compound, notify your medical practitioner. If you take any other medicines, tell your doctor in advance. Patients with liver, kidney, or bleeding disorders should not use this drug. Let your doctor know about the drugs you use. Stop boozing while you have effective brain tumor medicine.

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