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Temonat 250 Mg

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Temonat 250 Mg

Salt Name: Temozolomide
Manufacturer: Natco Pharma, India

Certain kinds of brain Tumor are treated with Temonat 250 mg Capsule, an anticancer drug.

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Do you feel pressure in the head which gets worse in the morning? Do you feel a headache that seems severe? Do you lose your vision or do you lose feeling in the leg or arm?

These symptoms indicate that you have a Brain Tumor. Many people experience vomiting or trouble in balance. Some people experience memory issues or tiredness. Some people gain weight or feel hungry when they experience a brain tumor.

If you get signs of a brain tumor, again and again, make an appointment with your medical provider. When you are diagnosed with a brain tumor, your medical provider will prescribe you Temonat 250 mg. This medicine is used for the specific type of cancer in the brain.

For the treatment of brain tumors, this medicine is used. A brain tumor is a collection of cells that may be malignant or benign. Temonat 250 mg stop the development of cancer cells and the multiplication of cancer cells. Stay hydrated and stay away from alcohol while taking this medication.


Brain tumor patients will get to see various dosages of Temonat in online Buysafepills. As per the condition of the tumor, your medical provider prescribes a certain dose of Temonat 250 mg. You need to follow the suggested dose as it is prescribed to you. Altering or stopping the dose midway can affect your health.

Taking this brain tumor medicine on an empty stomach is essential. It is essential to take Temonat 250 mg at a scheduled time once a day. Your medical provider will tell you when to consume this drug. Gulp down an entire pill of the brain tumor medicine with a glass of water.

Make sure that you do not ingest Temonat 250 mg more than required. Ingesting brain tumor medicine can cause serious side effects. Overdosing Temonat 250 mg can show adverse reactions to your health.

Ensure to consume the brain tumor pills once a day. Skipping a dose can affect the action of Temonat 250 mg and you will not be treated. In case you forget to have a capsule, ingest it when your mind strikes. Taking medicine twice a day can have negative effects on your health.

Side Effects

Many brain tumor patients come across certain side effects after consuming Temonat 250 mg. Some common side effects which patients may experience are fatigue, Vomiting, and nausea. Other side effects include constipation and vomiting. As this medicine lessens the number of blood cells in the body, you may be prone to infections. If the symptoms persist, get in touch with your medical practitioner immediately


  • Do not consume alcohol while having Temonat. It can show adverse effects on your health if you do so.

  • It is essential to have Temonat 250 capsule on an empty stomach.

  • It is necessary to complete the dose as your doctor has directed to you.

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