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Pain O Soma 350mg

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Pain O Soma 350mg

Salt Name: Carisoprodol
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

As a muscle relaxant, Pain O Soma 350mg can be prescribed to relieve pain and spasms caused by muscle injuries.

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What is Pain O Soma 350?

Pain O Soma 350 mg is a pain reliever, effectively acting to cure your pain relating to muscles and tissues.

Ideally, the time to use the medicines occurs when you suffer from muscle spasms, muscle aches, or injuries on any muscle or tissue.

Pain O Soma works to reduce the pain sensations and cause an anesthetic effect disallowing the nerves of the affected and injured area to communicate with the brain.

Pain O Soma 350 mg medicine is recommendable to doctors after an initial diagnosis showing the injury on muscles anywhere within your body.

Remember that Carisoprodol which is the generic element of the medicine can also bring up potential side effects if you overdose on it.

Some of the side effects occurring due to the patient can also be sustained for the long term where the doctors may even change.

The course of your treatment and ideally recommend you to take a different brand of medicine. 


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd a drug manufacturing company in India has the ownership of rights to the medicine that allows it to hold the generic formula.

Its trademark rights and also use of the brand name for marketing and advertisement are all within the guidelines of the company.

HAB Pharma also works like a contract manufacturing company securing contracts with other pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the drugs on their behalf.

The company has several drug formulations to its name and is a third-party manufacturing company.

It has contracts with several of the top guns of the pharma industry.

What is the use of Pain O Soma 350?

Pain O Soma 350 has been used for securing Pain Relief feelings in the affected patients.

Its use comes in handy to provide the victim with some relief from the immense pain occurring due to injury sustained on muscles.

Such injuries can occur due to external means, a variety of them that cause the muscle to strain, sprain, or ache.

The prohibition of using the drug brand is for those patients who are allergic to the use of Generic Carisoprodol.

While using it as a regular medicine dose you also need to remember that the drug can produce contraindication effects as well as some other medicines.

On the other hand, it is also possible that you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to its long-term use.

How to take Pain O Soma 350 mg?

The process of administering the effects of Carisoprodol and taking in the drug is only by way of swallowing an entire pill whole.

Remember that crushing or chewing the pill can cause the effects of Carisoprodol to diminish and thus the patient may not feel the entire pain-relieving effects of the drug.

Take the drug only as the doctors administer it and write your dose schedule on a prescription.

At times for certain patients, the doctors will recommend the use of a single pill use per day while in some severe cases, the doctors may recommend the patients use even two or three pills per day.

Dosage Of Pain O Soma 350

The administration of a single dose of Pain O Soma 350 mg can last for around 12 to 15 hours.

Remember that the actual time of action may be dependent on how well the patient can suit and adjust to the action of the drug dose.

Pain O Soma 350 can provide its actions on curing muscular pain relief for ideally a mild to moderate level of severeness.

The brand also has a higher dose which is the Pain O Soma 500 mg with an equivalent 500mg dose of generic Carisoprodol.

That is unable to bring in much more profound sensations of pain-relieving even for muscle pain of severe variants. 


Buy Pain O Soma 350 Mg and use it as the doctors have asked you to but never change to a higher variant unless the doctors give you the orders.

A sudden change in your dose can not only increase the dose amount but this sudden dose increase can also generally mean that the levels of Carisoprodol are now beyond what can be considered as the maximum safety tolerance limits for you.

Ideally, one or more side effects can occur as a result of this.

An overdose of the drug with even the smaller 350mg dose of Carisoprodol.

Ideally means that you will have to change to another medicine after discussions with the doctors as no further smaller doses are available under the brand name.

Miss Dose

It is always better to ask the doctor what you should do if you have missed taking your dose on time.

Remember that taking two medicines shortly after the other in a span of a few hours can mean that the dose amount of Carisoprodol is.

Now works cumulatively to bring about chances of an overdose and eventually lead you to side effects.

Side-Effects of Pain O Soma 350

Side effects occurring with Buy Pain O Soma 350 Mg may vary from one patient to the other depending on how suitable the patient is for the overdose.

Eventually, the exact type of side effect and the level of severity can differ from one patient to the other.

Side effects with excess generic Carisoprodol include-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth

As soon as patients start experiencing any of the side effects they need to get in touch with the doctors.

Where to store  Pain O Soma 350?

You may have been lucky to Buy Pain O Soma 350 with a good discount.

But now you will also need to ponder on where to store the drugs at your home such that it does not come within the reach of your children.

Ideally do not store the medicines in a refrigerator as the normal temperature suits even more general storage.

Let the humidity of the storage place be as low as possible while also ensuring that here no sunlight would fall directly on the pills.

Along with this, the temperature of the storage pill must be lower than 30°C.

What Precautions and Warnings do you need to take into Mind When you take  Pain O Soma 350?

You need to avoid driving once you have taken a pill of Pain O Soma 350 as side effects such as headache and dizziness can easily occur.

Female patients who are pregnant or have a newborn to breastfeed should without fail seek permission from the doctors before letting in any dose.

You also need to avoid the possibility of drug addiction by not using the drug any more than the time the doctors have mentioned.

Avoid the possibility of withdrawal side effects by gradually reducing the amount of dose and do not stop taking your doses suddenly.

Where to Buy Pain O Soma 350?

Check out the availability of Pain O Soma 350 for sale both from online websites like as well as from your local medicine shops near your residence.

This helps you to compare a  variety of deals and buy medicines at the best Prices.


What is the FDA-approved version of Carisoprodol?

Soma is the brand name for the medicines approved by the USA FDA for the generic drug substance Carisoprodol.

Can there be habit-forming tendencies with Pain O Soma 350 pills?

Yes, habit-forming tendencies are one of the worst disadvantages of using the pill but they become evident only when taken for too long.

Can you take your Medicine on an Empty stomach?

Yes, Pain O Soma 350 can be taken on an empty stomach.

How long is safe to take the pills?

Generally, when taking each pill daily doctors do not recommend using the pills continuously for three weeks.

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