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Malegra DXT Plus

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Malegra DXT Plus

Salt Name: Sildenafil Citrate/Duloxetine
Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd

The active ingredients in Malegra DXT Plus include Sildenafil and Duloxetine. Malegra DXT Plus (sildenafil, duloxetine) is a medication that treats both erectile dysfunction (ED) and early sex (PE).

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What Is Malegra DXT Plus?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that does not help a man get an erect penis. A lot of men across the globe complain about not getting and sustaining a hard penis. The erection issue affects not only a man's sexual health but also his relationship. A man must come out of Erectile Dysfunction at the earliest. 

When you do not get a firm erection, you feel frustrated. You do not enjoy sexual intimacy when there is no erection. A lack of blood supply in and around the penile area makes a man experience erectile dysfunction. If you want to enjoy healthy sexual intimacy, it is necessary to get and keep an erection. 

What makes a man suffer from erection? There are many underlying health issues such as obesity, stroke, High Blood Pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol which give rise to erection issues. When you do not treat any of the health issues at the right time, you may experience the risk of erection issues. 

You should follow a healthy meal, do regular exercise, and quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Healthy habits will help you lead a healthy life. The more you incorporate a healthy lifestyle, the more healthy you will be sexual. If you experience erection issues on and off, you should notify your healthcare provider. 

Your medical practitioner will assess your health to know the current condition of your health. As per the diagnosis, your healthcare practitioner will suggest you ingest Malegra DXT Plus. It is a potent erectile dysfunction drug that helps men get relief from erection issues. 

Manufacturer Of Malegra DXT Plus

The manufacturer of Malegra DXT Plus is Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd which is one of the eminent pharmaceutical companies in India. You can obtain various types of medicines, erectile dysfunction pills, and other pharmaceutical products from the leading pharmaceutical company. Ingest all medicines with ease, as these drugs are certified and original. 

Malegra DXT Plus Uses

This tablet is a PDE5 Inhibitor group of medicines that treat erectile dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction medicine is a combination medicine that has two compounds Sildenafil and Duloxetine.

Sildenafil gets absorbed in the blood which eliminates the blockage in the blood vessels and arteries. As a result, blood flow increases to the genital organ of a man. Sufficient blood flow helps men get strong and have hard erections. 

Duloxetine in an effective medication acts as an antidepressant which can show positive effects on premature ejaculation. Duloxetine ensures men long-lasting sexual activity. If you suffer from impotence and Premature Ejaculation at the same time, this medicine can be of great help to you.

How Does The Medicine Work?

Malegra DXT Plus helps men get a harness for the penis. Sildenafil Citrate widens the blood vessels and arteries which makes the muscles and tissues smooth. The smooth muscles and tissues will help men get adequate blood supply in and around the penile region. As a result, men will enjoy a quick erection instantly. 

Aside from treating erectile dysfunction, this effective medicine also treats premature ejaculation. Duloxetine helps men have control over ejaculation. When you ejaculate on time, you will be able to enjoy sexual intimacy.

How To Take Malegra DXT Plus?

You should consume this erectile dysfunction pill after having a light meal. Ingest this erectile dysfunction pill with a glass of water. You should make sure to consume this erectile dysfunction medicine about an hour before you plan to engage in lovemaking. Ingesting this medicine an hour before your sexual activity helps dissolve Malegra 100 Mg in the bloodstream. Do not break or crush the tablet of this erectile dysfunction drug which can reduce its efficacy of the drug. 

Malegra DXT Plus How Long Does It Take To Work?

As soon as you ingest the pill of this brand, this erectile dysfunction medicine will start to act in your body in no time. The effect of the erectile dysfunction medicine will last in your body for many hours. 


There are various dosages of this tablet available in pharmacies. Your healthcare provider will examine your health to know about the precise dose your body needs. As per the diagnosis, your medical practitioner will prescribe you a particular dose that you should take on time. 

Miss Dose

If you miss out on a pill of this brand, you should make sure to consume the missed dose before your next dose. Skipping a dose can affect the action of the drug. Therefore, you should consume a pill of this brand within 24 hours of your next dose


When you overdose on a pill of this brand, you may encounter some serious health complications. Taking more than one pill of this brand can show adverse reactions to your health. Do not take more than one tablet of this erectile dysfunction medicine. 


Some side effects which you can experience when you take this pill are dizziness, blurry vision, headache, flushing, nausea, runny nose, muscle ache, backache, indigestion, and vomiting. You may or may not experience any side effects after taking this erectile dysfunction pill. If any of the side effects bother you, get in touch with your healthcare physician.


You should not take alpha blockers or medicines for high blood pressure when you are taking this pill. If you are having nitrate medicines, you should not ingest this pill. Do not take HIV medications along with this erectile dysfunction medicine. Talk to your healthcare provider about your current drugs which can interact with your present medicine. 


If you are allergic to Malegra DXT Plus, you should not consume this medicine. If you are performing any physical activity or if you are under mental stress, you should avoid taking this erectile dysfunction medicine. If you have a blood disorder, heart issues, stroke, high blood pressure or low blood pressure, or any life-threatening diseases, you should not consume this medicine. 

Who Should Not Take Malegra DXT Plus?

Men who are 18 years of age should not consume Malegra DXT Plus. This medicine is intended only for men who are suffering from long-term erectile dysfunction issues. Women should not consume this medicine which can show negative effects on their health. If you are having any chronic health ailments, you should inform your doctor at once.

Where To Buy Malegra DXT Plus?

You should Buy Malegra DXT Plus from a reputed and experienced online Buysafepills. When you buy this potent erectile dysfunction drug from a Buysafepills, you will get the medicine delivered to your destination. Online pharmacies provide efficient and prompt service. You will get your ordered medicine within a few minutes.


How Effective Is Malegra DXT Plus? 

Malegra DXT Plus drug is an extremely potent erectile dysfunction drug that helps erectile dysfunction patients give relief from erection problems in a few days. Along with erectile dysfunction, this medicine can also treat premature ejaculation in men. 

Can You Consume Malegra DXT Plus Every Day?

You can have this brand of erectile dysfunction drug once a day. You should take this erectile dysfunction pill till your medical provider has prescribed it. 

How To Order online?

You can order this erectile dysfunction medication from the most reputed and eminent online Buysafepills. You can make the payment of the medicine through any online payment medium and get the erectile dysfunction medicine right at your doorstep. 

Who Can Take Malegra DXT Plus? 

Medical professionals suggest men who are suffering from chronic erectile dysfunction take this erectile dysfunction medicine. As per medical professionals, consuming this erectile dysfunction pill can help men cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems in no time. 

Can You Buy Malegra DXT Plus Without A Prescription? 

You need to show the prescription of your healthcare physician before you buy this erectile dysfunction medicine. Your medical provider needs to check your health before he prescribes you this effective erectile dysfunction pill. 

Can Females And Teenagers Take Malegra DXT Plus? 

Females and teenagers are advised not to ingest this erectile dysfunction pill. This effective erectile dysfunction drug is designed only for men who are suffering from erection issues and premature ejaculation for consecutive months. 

How Long Should You Take Malegra DXT Plus?

You should take this erectile dysfunction medicine as long as your medical practitioner has told you. Depending on the severity of your erection problem, your medical practitioner will tell you to take this pill accordingly. 

Is Consuming Alcohol Allowed With Malegra DXT Plus? 

You should not consume alcohol while you are taking a pill of this brand which can show negative effects on your health.

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