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Gabantin 100 mg

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Gabantin 100 mg

Salt Name: Gabapentin
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Gabantin 100 Mg: A GABA analogue known as gabapentin is used to treat seizures, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and other diseases.

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What Is Gabantin 100 Mg?

Do you experience nerve pain at times? Well, the Gabantin 100 Mg tablet is exactly for this reason. Using this medicine is largely done to help get rid of the excruciating pain arising from any sort of damage or injury to the nerves.

Now the exact cause of this Pain may vary. it may be an accident that you have suffered from due to which you sustained an injury to the nerves and the spinal cord. Or else you may have existing diseases relating to neural damage and eventual pain such as suffering from neuralgia, shingles, seizures, and even long-term damage caused to nerves due to diabetes known as diabetic neuropathy.

Whether you need to go for Gabantin 100 mg or not is something that the doctors will decide only after a proper diagnosis and confirming the exact reason and type of neural pain. this isn’t any normal tablet but a prescription pill that is allowable to buy and use only after having confirmation from the doctors.

The idea behind using Gabantin 100 mg is to use it for a short term only to provide relief from neural pain. Depending on your conditions the doctors are going to determine the dose and how long your dose will continue.

Remember that if you don’t sustain enough caution you may end up having side effects that can turn out to be severe too such as severe fatigue and fever.

Manufacturer Of Gabantin 100 Mg

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, one of the largest drug manufacturing and exporting powerhouses in India is the owner of the trade name Gabantin. And thus all doses coming under this brand name are manufactured and sold only by Sun Pharma. There has been a recent rise in export figures too for the company since it is starting to generate huge sales from across other countries apart from India where the medicines are manufactured.

Gabantin 100 Mg Uses

Let us check out the exact reasons why you may need to use the Gabantin 100 Mg tablet.


It is a sudden condition where the patient body starts trembling and shaking uncontrollably. Using Gabantin 100 mg medicine here can come to the rescue by slowly reducing the pain during these awkward times.

Diabetic neuropathy

People who have long-term diabetes may have considerable damage to the nerves. This may cause acute and sharp pain. Again the Gabantin 100 Mg medicines will help to reduce the pain.

Spinal cord injury and other nerve injuries

Any sort of injury to the nerves can cause pain. Using the Gabantin 100mg medicine can help here by relieving the patient from pain.


This is also known as herpes zoster infection where using the medicine can help to relieve the pain.

How Does Gabantin 100 Mg Work?

According to research done so far generic gabapentin which is the generic element of the medicine can help in curing nerve pain. during an epileptic or seizure attack, it is thought that generic gabapentin will reduce the high and abnormal electrical signal activity in the brain and thus reduce pain.

In any sort of pain to the spinal cord or nerves it will help reduce the pain by cutting down the transmission of the pain signals from the affected areas to the brain.

How To Take Gabantin 100 Mg?

Gabantin 100 Mg is a swallowing medicine. So it can help reduce pain. When it is time to have your daily pill just swallow a single medicine with water. Any other way of intake such as crushing or breaking the pills is not allowed.

When you take gabapentin pills, remember to not have alcohol at least 2 hours before. Of course, the same strategy needs to be followed during the active time of the pills which can be up to 12 hours.

During your dosage schedule, doctors are most certainly going to recommend using the medicine only once per day. Any more drug intake than this is probably going to form an overdose situation and you may have to deal with the side effects.

Gabantin 100 Mg How Long Does It Take To Work?

Gabantin 100 Mg does  not work instantly. After you have taken the medicine it may take up considerable time to bring in the pain relief changes. This time may vary depending on the dose. for the 100mg dose, it may take up to half an hour or so for the upbringing of gradual pain relief.


Within each medicine is present a 100mg dose of the generic substance gabapentin. Have your medicine only follow the prescription and dose guidelines as given by your doctor.

Miss Dose

Did you miss taking your dose? Well, don’t let such instances occur quite frequently. It may take up to several days for the drug to provide its complete efficacy in providing pain relief.

In the meantime, if you continue missing out on doses the drug may have little effect in sustaining its effects.


Overdose or a higher concentration of gabapentin than what you need is essentially going to bring in side effects. Do not overdose on the medicine since it is the obvious reason behind having side effects.


Some of the common side effects of the medicine include-

  • Suffering from infections regularly

  • Having sleepiness tendencies

  • Dizziness

  • Headache

  • Dry mouth

  • Body actions not perfectly coordinated

  • Fatigue and tiredness

  • Fever


Generic gabapentin can have interactions causing side effects with other medicines. if you are on any prescription or OTC pills inform your doctor. As told previously too alcohol intake can also bring out contra actions of the medicine. Similarly, any other generic addictive substance such as narcotic pills can also cause you to have side effects instantly.


Well, avoid using alcohol and other narcotic substances that make you feel high. Using the drug can generally reduce your immunity powers and make you susceptible to suffering from infections. The possible side effects of this are suffering from viral and bacterial infections frequently and having mild fever.

Get in touch with your doctor if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother and want to use the medicine.

Gabantin 100 mg is only meant for adults and not children or anyone below the age of 18 years. 

Who Should Not Take Gabantin 100 Mg?

  • Anyone who is below 18

  • Those who are currently on existing prescription meds

  • Those who already have tendencies to suffer from bacterial and viral infections

  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeed their child

Where To Buy Gabantin 100 Mg?

Depending on your buying preferences you can buy the medicine from online Buysafepills or offline medicine shops at great prices and offers.


What Is The Maximum Time That You Can Take The Medicine?

At max, you can have the medicine only once per day.

When Is The Suitable Time To Take Gabantin 100 Mg?

Take the pill right away as soon as you begin experiencing the symptoms of neural pain creeping in.

How Long Can My Treatment Continue?

Generally, the treatment duration is only for the short term and only continued for less than a month when taken in continuously.

Is There Any Drug Abuse Tendencies With The Medicine For Using Long Term?

No such issues have been reported so far by the patients.

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