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Pain Medication List: Strongest To Weakest

Pain Medication List: Strongest To Weakest

As the drug epidemic in the United States continues to increase, more than 2 million people suffer from drug addiction. It is not just in the US, drug addictions are increasing globally with a dramatic rise every year.

Drugs relieve pain and make you feel euphoric, and you should only take them for short periods. For example, after an injury or surgery. The frequency of use and method of intake of different drugs can cause different effects and risks. It does not matter how potent the drug is. It can still be addictive and lead to overdoses if in misuse by the patient.

This list of pain medications includes the most common in misuse are drugs and opiates. These are controlled substances with high abuse, dependence, and tolerance potential. Now let's look at the Pain Medication List from strongest to weakest.

Pain Medication List

1. Carfentanil

It is 10,000 times stronger than morphine, and 100 times stronger than medical-grade fentanyl. There is no indication that humans can use it. But it is sometimes found on the black market. Animal doctors and specialists use it to sedate elephants and other big animals. A little dose, however, can be deadly, and many deaths have resulted from this laced into other drugs.

2. Fentanyl

Also known as fentanyl, it is up to 50 times more potent than most common drugs. Patients sometimes may need to use it to manage severe Pain after surgery, but because of its potency and potential abuse, the mode of intake is via a transdermal patch or tablet.

It is made in illegal labs in China or Mexico and sold to cartels, dealers, or individuals online. However, the black market is not usually a diversion of prescription drugs. We recommend Pain o Soma 350 to those seeking safe and affordable pain medication.

3. Heroin

The third most potent narcotic is heroin, a semi-synthetic drug. It comes from morphine, a natural compound from the opium poppy. The only illegal schedule I drug on this list is heroin. Most drug drugs are buyable with a prescription. But this drug does not have a medical use.

Its abuse potential is high, especially when injected. There are other modes of intake as well.  And it comes in white powders or black sticky substances (black tar heroin). As soon as the substance is injected, it enters the bloodstream and the brain, causing intense euphoria.

4. Hydromorphone

Another powerful drug is hydromorphone, which is up to 8 times stronger than morphine. It acts as a pain reliever that relaxes you and induces sedation.

A schedule II drug can lead to physical and psychological dependency for long-term use. Since it dissolves in water and is injectable into the bloodstream.

5. Oxymorphone

To the best of our knowledge, only generic Oxymorphone was available at the time of this writing. Most often it comes in tablet form. But it comes in injectable form as well. The drug can be snorted, injected, or taken orally. When you are tired and wish to relieve Pain, you should consider using Pain or Soma 500.

6. Methadone

It is illegal to use methadone for anything other than treating drug withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision. Although it is not chemically similar to heroin or morphine, it still produces similar euphoria and relaxation effects.

Its abuse can lead to chemical and psychological dependence. If not administered under qualified medical supervision, methadone abuse can have adverse health effects.

7. Oxycodone

Oxycodone is not as powerful as the aforementioned drugs, but it is still a schedule II drug with high abuse potential. It helps treat moderate to severe Pain. The sedating and calming effects of the substance are known for high misuse since the 1960s. As a household name and common drug of abuse, oxycodone did not become popular until Purdue Pharma mass-marketed OxyContin in the mid-1990s.

8. Morphine

Morphine is a naturally occurring opiate that comes from the opium poppy. The potency is similar to oxycodone, and doctors may on a few occasions prescribe the medicine for Pain when other drugs do not work. As an oral solution or tablet, morphine is ingestible instead of direct injection.

9. Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is almost as strong as morphine and doctors may prescribe it for curing moderate Pain. There are many brands of the substance. Drugs are one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States.

Almost 24 million people over 12 have taken hydrocodone without a legitimate medical reason, according to a survey from 2013. In 2011, over 82,000 emergency room visits were associated with hydrocodone abuse, a relatively weak drug that can be misused and cause serious health risks.

Final Words

You should be aware of which drugs are drugs to reduce your risk of dependence, addiction, and overdose. Treatment for drug addiction can be done safely with drug detox and evidence-based treatments. Treatment is needed if you are addicted to any of these pain medications. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be relieved with medical detox.