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What are the Major Causes Of ED at A Young Age?

What are the Major Causes Of ED at A Young Age?

Is your erection issue creating problems in your relationship? While having an intimate time with your partner, you do not get an erection. Not being able to sustain or get an erection makes you irritated and frustrated. When men do not get an erection at the time of sex, it is termed ED. 

As to healthcare physicians, only older men suffer from ED issues.  When men reach 60 years of age, they start to experience various sexual health issues and impotence is one of them. As per recent research studies, it is believed that younger men also suffer from impotence. Another name for impotence is ED. 

It is a fact that ED turns out to be more common as men start to age. Unfortunately, even young males are getting prone to erection issues. The treatment for ED in younger males is available in the healthcare industry. 

If a young man is suffering from ED, he has been prescribed ED medication. Only after a thorough diagnosis, a healthcare professional prescribes a young man an ED drug. Apart from medicines, doctors recommend male patients implement some positive lifestyle changes which can prevent younger men from taking Cenforce 100mg

Can Younger Men Have ED? 

In ED, a man's genital organ does not have adequate blood flow which will help produce a firm erection in men. ED is indeed a common sexual health issue that a large percentage of men experience in the present times all over the world. 

Many men think that an erection issue happens only to older men. Recent studies have proved that ED can also take place in younger men. It is observed that men who are below their 40s suffer from erection problems. The number of ED in younger men is increasing at a rapid pace across the globe. 

Emotional and psychological factors should be blamed for ED in younger men. Younger men in the present times undergo depression, stress, and anxiety. If younger men go through stress, depression, or anxiety, younger men become prone to ED.

Stress at work or in the family can affect men's overall health, including sexual health. Other factors include physiological health issues such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. 

Younger men do not sleep at the right time. Younger men lead an unhealthy lifestyle which makes men vulnerable to many health problems. Many underlying health issues can give rise to ED in younger men. Following a proper lifestyle can give you relief from erection issues and you do not have to rely on Vidalista 20mg

Can Age Affect ED? 

Age is indeed a main risk factor for ED. As per some research studies, most older men who are above the 60s suffer from ED. The current studies have proved that even men 40 years of age have started experiencing erection problems. As men get older, most men are likely to develop erection problems. 

As men get older, men suffer from many health ailments such as decreased testosterone levels, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Many research studies have proved that not all men suffer from erection issues due to their growing age. Many men suffer from ED due to health issues.

As you grow older, you tend to develop many health disorders which can affect your sexual health and ED is one of them. Maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you do not have to depend on taking Fildena 100 mg

Prime Causes Of ED In Younger Men 

Anxiety Disorder:

A lot of younger men suffer from anxiety disorder in the present times. Younger men tend to be more anxious about trivial matters. As a result, the anxiety issue can hamper blood flow in the genital area. If you keep anxiety away, you will not suffer from ED and you do not have to use Tadalista 60 mg


A lot of younger men go through stress these days. Whether it is work-related stress, financial stress, or family stress, younger men have a lot of stress to go through. When you are under stress, you will experience ED. Blood does not flow properly in the penis when you are under stress. Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from stress to get an erection during sex.


Men tend to overlook their weight. If you are gaining a lot of weight, you should check on your excess weight immediately. As per health experts, being overweight can harm your sexual health. You will not get sufficient blood flow in the penile region if you have gained excess weight.

It is essential to keep your weight under control to keep ED issues away. Do exercises and workouts daily to shed extra fats from your body. When your weight is under control, there will be an adequate flow of blood in and around the penis which in turn will not let you have pills from the Buysafepills site. 

Alcohol Consumption:

Compared to older men, younger men drink alcohol a lot. Every instance, younger men consume large amounts of alcohol which hinder the function of erection. The toxic chemicals in the alcohol disturb the function of erection.

Men feel difficulty in getting a hard-on when they consume large amounts of alcohol regularly. Limit the intake of alcohol so that you do not have to suffer from erection problems. 

Heart Disease:

The main reason for heart disease is improper diet. When you consume spicy, fatty, and oily foods quite often, you increase the risk of heart disease. Consumption of fatty and spicy foods can clog the arteries of your heart.

Cardiovascular disease can restrict the flow of blood to the penis which can hamper your erectile function. It is advised to follow a healthy and nutritious diet that can keep your heart safe and healthy. When your heart is healthy, you will not complain about suffering from ED. 


The aforementioned causes can disrupt your erection function. As a result, you may not be able to enjoy intimacy with your partner. Have a healthy lifestyle so that you can have an erection and enjoy your sex life.